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The natural heir of S.i.e.c.i. snc, founded in the 70s, with a consolidated experience and specialization in electrical and technological systems. During the years, it has steadily expanded its boundaries.
In 1981 it was registered in the Register of National Builders, and subsequently obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. With an experience of over forty years working mainly in the public building sector and in the construction and refurbishment of buildings, with particular attention to hospitals and schools, I.TEC. s.r.l. is among the leading construction companies in its field.

The long experience and the ongoing commitment to providing service of the utmost quality, mean that we can offer our customer the best in the market.


The art "of building" within the residential, commercial, directional, and industrial sectors, but also as far as infrastructural projects, like primary and secondary urbanization works, and related services.