Works Energy

In developing its projects, the group pays special attention to the respect and safeguard of the environment, offering solutions that limit the impact of the works on the same, whilst optimizing energy consumption, also through innovative solutions, like co-generation and renewable energies.

The professionalism of its personnel and the decision to continually invest in training means that private investors, companies, and public bodies can take advantage of a group of fully qualified professionals with a high level of specialisation, as well as technical and IT analysis tools.

The last twenty years have been characterised by the realisation of Co and Trigeneration plants producing thermal and electric energy on location. This has given many public bodies a pioneering position in energy containment.

The energy sector plays today a fundamental role, and in each and every one of its projects, Consorzio Stabile Pedron includes one or more elements that ensure high efficiency and respect of the environment.