Works Casa

The interests of Consorzio Stabile Pedron in the housing sector cover a wide spectrum: residential, commercial, industrial and directional, as well as conservative, restoration.
The building site as the place for creating, but also for change and design. The site elevated to a city redevelopment centre, often changing the cultural, social, and economic life of a territory, and of its inhabitants. As far as the housing sector is concerned, Consorzio Pedron enjoys a position of notice across the whole national territory, with important initiatives destined to have a central and strategic role within the surrounding city framework.

Examples of social housing for public bodies like ATER Belluno, ARTE Genoa, ASUR Pesaro, ALER Milano, and so on, but also military and cemetery building and system installation, such as the expansion of the cemetery of the Saint Michael island in Venice.

Also active in the building restoration field, the group pays extreme attention not only to its past history and architectures, but also to the future, and to its role within the city and social framework. One example of this is the new Theatre hall in the heart of Marostica.

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