Works Sport

The group tries to put into practice the distinguishing design features that characterise the places of sports, turn the connected architectural solutions into real bold static and technological solutions, adopt new shapes and materials; it is most of all in this sector that the group has been able to demonstrate its professionalism and its desire to grow.
The projects completed are the best way to demonstrate the passion, the attention, and the care of a company that for over 40 years has marked the territory with works that, we hope, will continue to exist over time and will complement any landscape.

Sports complexes such as swimming pools, regular football and five-a-side football fields, as well as multi-purpose complexes suitable for several sports, using latest generation artificial lawn, sports resins, and rubber flooring, for the creation of state of the competition tracks.
Projects completed with the same passion and dedication that has always distinguished the group, but with more commitment, because directed to venting and satisfying the passions of adults and children alike, who together can spread and divulge the healthy principles of sport, the main objective of which is enjoyment and socialisation.